A healthy lifestyle – what’s that?

In the short term decrease is relatively simple. Is much more difficult for most to keep the weight as well.

“You have to ‘just’ his lifestyle change,” it says. If it were that simple! Most diets end in any event, with the yo-yo effect. Reason enough to pursue the question of what constitutes a healthy lifestyle.

In theory it is very simple: A balanced diet, regular exercise and adequate relaxation. However, the practice usually looks quite different : Unhealthy food, comfortable sofas and stressful job of making our lives difficult. In the truest sense of the word.

” Slow Food “, ” LOHAS ” (Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability ) or a Mediterranean lifestyle? In our coaching letter No. 19 we present these approaches to the test. Unfortunately, they have all the hook when it comes to the question of whether they are implemented in our latitudes.

With the ” Vibono lifestyle ” we want to close this gap. And with pleasure, fun and relaxation – for otherwise not suitable for everyday use as a lifestyle. In our weight-loss coaching, we have seen that the human brain seeks pleasure and happiness. Not after waiver and prohibitions. So, joy of life instead of asceticism! Delicious recipes to cook instead of raw nibble or swallow Fettwegpillen!