My diet with healthy food

One day I discovered a book or a nutrition concept that has changed my nutritional awareness overnight.

Since I have “Devoured” this book almost in one night, it did in my head. I did not want to enter this industry – ready- mush my body! No more tons of sugar and sugar substitutes! No more low-fat healthy food flavored with preservatives and colors! But natural as possible, just ” clean ” healthy food full of fiber, vitamins, trace elements and everything that is good for my body good.

The book by Tosca Reno was the beginning. After her book I read a dozen other: The China Study, Crazy Sexy Detox, Natural Eating, books about nutrition in general and so on. I just wanted to understand what is happening in my body and what effects it has on my health.

The more I learned, my suspicion was greater in the healthy food industry. Not only animal entertainment and rotten meat scandals shocked me, but just the knowledge that in today’s industrial gefertigen healthy food – so many cosmetics contain substances that are not good for us – and that’s a big part of what we can buy in the supermarket today or can sicken even us. We are the fastest growing race on earth, plagued by widespread diseases, we have created themselves basically.

I did not want to do that to me. I want to give my body good healthy food, because I believe in the principle: ” You are what you eat” The more good healthy food I eat, the better for my body. Today, therefore, my diet is very different than a few years ago.