Vitamin Tablets – For a healthy lifestyle, there are no pills

Beginning of the 90s spirit of optimism was in the vitamin market. Many scientists believed that if you packed just the right vitamins and some other substances in sufficient dose in capsules, then could be a whole series of urgent health problems to solve. Antioxidants should combat the excess of free radicals and micronutrients normalize the vital forces that have been lost by modern life with its everyday stress, hectic and unhealthy eating in excess. It was hoped thus to the prevention of rheumatism, on a delayed aging and especially the suppression of diseases of all kinds, but the last 15 years have shown that taking additional vitamins and micronutrient mixtures is unlikely to be effective in the expected ways.

Hundreds of individual scientific studies have consistently confirmed that there is no tangible positive effect arises when one takes vitamin tablets. The long hoped- protective effects of vitamin E, beta- carotene, vitamin C, selenium and many other minerals from the various diseases, such as prostate cancer (vitamin E and selenium) or lung cancer ( carotene) have not been confirmed.

Quite obviously, the simple idea of being able to help the body encapsulated by individual substances, not applicable in this form. Many biological studies show that every body needs an adequate supply of all the vital substances that but a healthy lifestyle is not only existential matters, but health- critical for a healthy functioning of all organs.

Physical, mental and spiritual freedom and health is dependent on our social environment and how we handle it. Our health depends not only on frictionless functioning of our internal body processes, but rather of a smooth functioning of the interplay of external environment and internal attitude.

Diseases all have one thing in common: the materials can not flow in a living stream of change. The essential metabolism comes to a halt. Disease is thus a shift from exchange to the fabric and thus an expression of solidification processes, loss of life dynamics and loss of one’s sense of life. A relationship conflict in the partnership in the body causing an increased threefold consumption of vitamins.

If we follow the counselors of the dietary supplement industry and complement the corresponding substances that cause our physical disorders, the health would mean. That this is not so, we all have itself experienced already.

We need to rethink and let the unfounded hope in the saving power of small health pills behind us.